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Diary of Success

The rise of the internet has turned the shape of marketing forever!

Currently published marketing books are far behind current requirements. So are SEO Companies for the most part.

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Anyone can claim themselves an SEO expert these days. Let us not forget the basic principles: fooling the clock will only take you backwards.

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A Scientific Approach to Online Marketing

Digiedge Marketing

Information About Products and Services

Digiedge Marketing - Your Online Stop for Ultimate Multilingual SEO and online Marketing ressource shop.

Read the news and regularly updated research and knowledge articles.


Exotic SEO service is our Moto. We don't need day to day clients, we serve exclusive and demanding clients only.

Our area of expertise include erotic (No porn) marketing, Youtube Channels Optimisation, Multilanguage content sourcing or writing (German, French, English languages only). Taylored and priced to exclusive clients only. Selling Pizzas? Please move on....

You are an erotic artist, but feel well undervalued? Contact us. We will show references of existing work.


You own a trout fishing venue in New Zealand and feel your income stream has drastically droped? Reach to us...


Are a creator of Vectorial Calygraphinc Fonts, but can't find a market? Reach to us...


You have a multilingual marketing issue but cannot get accross the language issue. A most typical example



Online Marketing

You have a Marketing problem you cannot solve, but you are convinced you have a talent to sell? You are an artist with Talent but no financial success? You have seen your sales plummet, and you have discovered the reason is a bad online reputation?

We serve only very specific and demanding niches. We recognize your talent and fathom a potential chance of online success.

You are confronted to a wall you cannot possibly climb, for knowledge issues, or because you have tried all the SEO services in the world and yet could not find a suitable company, who will listen to your need, produce a scientific, quantifiable and verifiable strategy to get you through the problem. We might decide to help.


We have helped selected clients achieve a financial success in the past, we are up-to-date and and constantly following the lastest proven online marketing and SEO strategies that will draw a path to success.


"Your online success can only be as good as your own offline talent".

Your SEO and online Marketing strategy with Digiedge Marketing will however enable you to reach the very top of it.

— Emmanuel, Digiedge Marketing